Monday, May 4, 2009

And finally...Magic 8 Ball Monday

Found you, Magic 8 Ball. You can roll, but you can't hide--well, at least not forever!

That sneaky guy was snoozing with the dust bunnies under the bed:

Undoubtedly trying to get out of having to earn his keep around here. On the other hand, maybe the kids just got overly aggressive in their quests for answers, and he needed some peace and quiet.

Either way, he's here now and we are ready to answer some questions!

wants to know a few things about her soon-to-be-born baby:

"Will I have the baby before my due date?"

(Very helpful. Thanks a million, "Magic" 8 Ball.)

"Will it be a girl?"

"Will it be a boy?"

(Is it just me, or did Magic 8 Ball just lose all credibility?)

Thanks for participating, Maureen! I'm sure this has helped you with your baby preparations. Always glad to help out.

Keep those questions coming, readers! The next Magic 8 Ball Monday is just two weeks away.


Maureen said...

Well, it was wrong and right! We had a little boy on May 1st. Maybe that's why it couldn't "see" if
I would have it early, since I had already done so????

Thanks Ruth, and the Magic 8 ball.

Ruth said...

Maureen, yes, that must have been it, the Magic 8 Ball was simply befuddled.
And a big congratulations to you! I'm so excited for you...I was secretly hoping it would be a boy this time. Enjoy all the newborn fun!