Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How many eggs are recommended, per child, per day? Just wondering.

My kids couldn't wait to have some Easter fun. They were hiding little bouncy balls, so I figured I might as well dig out the plastic eggs I keep in my "Holidays other than Christmas" box.

After some rambunctious egg-hunting in the morning, they were excited to color some real eggs, so we decided to do a dozen now and save a dozen for the weekend.

The dozen was reduced to ten when two of the eggs cracked during the boiling process. These were quickly consumed.

We had a good time coloring the remaining ten eggs, despite the natural anxiety any mom might feel while sitting at a table with three cups of powerful dye and three very excited children.

One egg fell off the table twice, and another got a minor crack when my daughter dropped it on the table. These were eaten immediately, and evidently tasted so delicious that the kids wanted more. If I hadn't stopped them we would likely have no eggs left at all. As it stands now, we are left with these five, one of which is cracked:

You know, I might just keep putting pictures of Easter eggs on all my posts, because aren't they just so bright and cheery?

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Michelle said...

I love Easter eggs too. This is the first year I can do them with my daughter. Maybe we'll start tonight. :)