Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The value of sleep

I've always been fascinated by how we humans are physiologically wired to sleep about a third of our lives away.

I mean, what with caffeine, late-night television, long working hours and 24-hour convenience stores, you'd think we might have evolved by now to a point where we could function on, say, four hours.

Indeed, some people try. And while not everyone needs eight hours, let's face it, we cannot cheat sleep. Sleep will ultimately overtake us, or the lack of sleep will destroy us. Whether it's the driver falling asleep at the wheel, the cranky kid throwing tantrums at the grocery store, or a bad business decision made before the morning latte, sleep deprivation comes at a cost, and sometimes a very high one.

If it's so important, then, why are we collectively choosing to get by on as little as possible?

Why don't I prioritize sleep?

Why don't you? Or do you? I'd love to hear from someone who regularly logs a solid eight hours per night. Anyone?

As for me, tomorrow I will tell you exactly why I don't get enough slumber, when I discuss the price of sleep.


lucythevaliant said...

My husband gets 8 hours of sleep pretty consistently! He really can't function on less. I, however, do perfectly fine on five or six!

Meaghan said...

I get 6, need 8, and would give a toe or 3 for a guaranteed nightly 10.