Monday, March 30, 2009

So, I decided to give away a Prius after all

After mulling it over for some time, I determined that the right thing to do was to actually give away a Toyota Prius to my contest winner.

Sure, it might be pricey, but I would be stimulating the economy and encouraging environmentally friendly auto production.

For some reason, only two people entered the contest. Neither of them gave the answer I was looking for (see below), but they both gave it a good try, so I figured, what the heck, and put both of their names into a hat.

(Firefly Mom, I know you are sitting on the edge of your seat right now...)

And, the winner, chosen at random from all two entries, was...


My very own husband, a.k.a. "Mr. Busy"!

(Can you believe it? What are the chances?)

Naturally, he declined the prize and decided to just stick with his current car.

Whew. That was a close one.

Now for the REAL answer to my question, which was:

What do these three things have in common?
  • Stonyfield Farm YoKids squeezers
  • Yogi Tea
  • Starbucks cup
No, Mr. Busy, they do not all begin with the letter S, although that is a nice try, honey, and I realize you are very tired. And yes, Firefly Mom, you can drink them all. Not a bad guess. As for Mr. Busy's other guess, which was "they are all made of elements," that is true. I should probably add more disclaimers next time I hold a contest.

Anyway, the MAIN thing they all have in common is, they all provide something to read:

On a Starbucks cup, "The Way I See It" gives us something philosophical to ponder while we wait for the caffeine to enter our bloodstream.

Yogi Tea also goes the philosophical route, with a little saying on the tag attached to the teabag. A couple of my favorites, which I keep anchored by magnet on my refrigerator: "To be calm is the highest achievement of the self" and "Joy is the essence of success."

Lastly, my kids love Stonyfield Farms YoKids squeezers, and I love hearing the fun cow facts and jokes like this one:

Q: What do cows do for entertainment?
A: Go to the moovies.

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Jessica said...

I will have to share that last riddle about the cows with my kids. They will think it over the top(since they are 6, 6 and 3). I look forward to following your blog. You have great voice in your writing. Please visit us at www.