Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dance, Billy, Dance!

My middle child hasn't been the most talkative sort of guy until pretty recently, so we are just now discovering what's been on his mind the past four and a half years.

One interesting gem came up while we were reading a bedtime story called Katy Duck. Katy loves to dance. My daughter stood up on the bed, started twirling around, and exclaimed, "I wuv to dance too!"

I turned to my son. "How about you? Do you love to dance?"

He just laughed. "NO! I don't dance. I'm a boy!"

I was flabbergasted. "Boys can dance, too!" I said.

He seemed to think I was joking. "No!" he insisted. "Girls love to dance! I like Bob the Builder!"

Sigh. I gotta get that kid out on the dance floor. Baby Loves Disco, here we come.

1 comment:

Angela said...

can't wait to see their moves! ;)
maybe tony could pass on his dancing genius... He is hysterical. I can just imagine him dancing around a fire in ET...