Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yo, Millard Fillmore!

During the recent election, my son became very interested in presidents of the past. He would read books, watch videos and listen to songs about them until he had learned them all. Since I don't have the attention span of my 6-year-old, I couldn't keep up. Soon he was quizzing me and I was failing miserably. After hearing those songs repeatedly, I could still only make it to Monroe before getting stuck.

Even my husband, a former high school history teacher, couldn't name all the presidents in order. It's one of those things most of us might learn but not retain for future reference. So I was thrilled when my son's teacher let us borrow this book.

Yo, Millard Fillmore! (And all those other Presidents you don't know), by Will Cleveland and Mark Alvarez, uses cartoons connected by a simple story line to make learning the presidents in order easy and fun. With quick quizzes after every 10 presidents, and another quiz at the end, there are plenty of chances to review and reinforce what you're learning. Plus, each president gets a page full of interesting facts to further your knowledge.

This book would be perfect for anyone faced with the assignment of memorizing all the presidents. Why not assign yourself that task? It couldn't hurt to be ready when your kid comes home from school wanting to discuss Chester A. Arthur.

Happy Presidents' Day!

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melissa said...

Also, check out the book, Smart About The Presidents.