Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Scrambled States of America

What happens when Kansas becomes dissatisfied just sitting there in the middle of the country? With the help of his neighbor, Nebraska, he decides to invite all the other states to a party. Afterwards, the states decide to mix things up a bit and trade places.

It's exciting at first, but after a while, some problems arise, and all of the states become a bit homesick. Kansas, who has traded places with Hawaii, is now terribly lonely. By bedtime, they have all decided to return to their original spots, and they all go to sleep just happy to be back where they belong.

Laurie Keller's The Scrambled States of America and its sequel, The Scrambled States of America Talent Show, provide a truly hilarious melding of geography and pure entertainment.

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Angela said...

what with the alpha oops book and all...i'm getting the feeling you all like to mix things up a bit. ;)
Ryan LOVED that book when we checked it out at the library and was sad when it had to go back. Now, I just need to pay down my enormous fines so we can check out some of these new ones. ;)