Monday, January 26, 2009

Playtime for grownups

This past weekend I was once again reminded of just how illogical it seems to leave my comfortable home and the 60 degree weather just to drive to a place where it is very cold and snowing, ride a precarious-looking contraption to the top of a mountain, then slide down with both feet strapped to a slippery board.

Maybe it makes no sense, but for me this is FUN. This is how I play.

There are many activities I enjoy. But snowboarding is the one thing I do purely for fun. I'm sure I could analyze all the ways it is beneficial for my mental health. It's good exercise, time to think, social interaction with other grownups.

But what it really boils down to is this: I think it is fun.

Are you finding time to play?
Do you think it is important for adults to play?
What activities constitute "playing" for you?


Maureen Dillie said...

Did you head up to Sierra? How was it? Is there much snow? I hope you're enjoying Folsom...I'm missing it for sure!

I heard In N Out is close to opening!!!

Ruth said...

Yes, it was great! Snowed the entire time, and tons of powder. It's good that we are finally getting some more moisture around here--it has been really dry.
Come visit and we can go get a milkshake!

Nichay said...

I think adults with or without children should enjoy grown up time. For LOTS of reasons. Esspecially if you have children.

Kathleen said...

My husband and I always make time for "play time". It could be anything from going out dancing to spending the night downtown. I play Bunco each month, which is really code for getting together with friends to drink, be silly and sometimes vent about our "wonderful" families.