Monday, December 15, 2008

Stocking Stuffers #2: Recycle

For kids under the age of 3, try filling their stockings with toys they already own but haven't seen in a while.


Firefly mom said...

If they're older than 3, you can still recycle. Maybe a toy from an older sibling that they've always loved, or somthing of mom or dad that they're always playing with.

One of my son's favorite's was an old pocket knife that had been hubby's when he was a kid.

Meaghan said...

If you plan this right, you can start stashing some of their toys around Halloween, giving them enough time to "forget." By Christmas, the toys will be good as new!

Ruth said...

This could solve the dilemma of "too much Halloween candy" as well! Just hide away some of the candy Halloween night, and stick it in their stocking Christmas morning. They might wonder why their Christmas candy is in black and orange wrappers instead of red and green, but hey, it all tastes the same.