Friday, December 19, 2008

Holidayitis strikes again

The little-known genetic disease called Holidayitis has ruined many of what ought to be celebratory occasions in my life. It's a frustrating condition: my immune system senses a holiday approaching and immediately decides to take some time off.

I can tell it is genetic because I seem to have passed the tradition down to my children. This year is no exception. It started a few days ago, when my oldest son's nose began to run. Then it progressed: a sneeze here, a cough there, my middle child falling asleep on the couch in the middle of the day, my daughter waking up wheezing, her nose encrusted with snot.

Apparently I have not outgrown Holidayitis either. Of course it's hard to avoid getting sick when I'm surrounded by people who don't think twice about sneezing right in my face.

Now our entire family is sick, we have to postpone our travels, and it looks like we'll be spending the holidays right here at home, drinking plenty of liquids and going to bed at a sensible hour.

It's not such a terrible way to spend the time off. Since there is no cure for Holidayitis, we are trying to look at the bright side. Being at home sick is certainly better coming down with a bad cold in the middle of a three-day road trip. At least our immune systems had the decency to clock out before we packed the car.

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