Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Helicopter update!

I am receiving a lot of feedback regarding the helicopters mentioned in the post below, so I tracked down the instructions. Here is a little more information:

*They are called Havoc Heli Air Hogs. I think they were purchased at Target.
*Safety-wise, it says not for children under 3 years. But above that it says "8+" so I am assuming 8 is the recommended age.
*There are a number of warnings. "Do not touch the running propeller! Do not play above someone's head! Adult supervision is required!" and, "DANGER! Do not puncture the styrofoam! The battery will be damaged."
*Although it claims to be "easy to fly," this is followed by three pages of what I would consider rather complex instructions and one page of troubleshooting, safety precautions, FCC statements, care and maintenance, and special battery cautions.
*After "Becoming familiar with your controller/charger," installing the batteries, and charging the helicopters, it's time to fly. There is a three step process called "trimming" the helicopter, which is done each time you turn on the helicopter. After that there are instructions on how to hover, turn, accelerate and stop, how to adjust your heli's flight performance, and how to fix your twin rotors.
*The helicopter will have 5-6 minutes of flight time after a 20-30 minute charge, and before recharging the battery, you have to wait 10-15 minutes for the battery to cool down.

If all this sounds like a good time, then this toy might be the one for you and your (hopefully at least 8-year-old) child. I do think my husband would have enjoyed the Havoc Heli Air Hogs quite a lot, if only the kids had not demolished them before he got the chance to play. But then again, he never would have read the instructions and thus would never know that he was supposed to "trim" the helicopter before trying to fly it around the room.


Maureen Dillie said...

I'm glad I read this- Lauren is asking for a helicopter for Christmas, and this looks like what I was going to get her. I am rethinking this, and will head in a different direction- maybe a push back helicopter designed for the 2-3 age group???

Thanks Ruth- you are so helpful!

Anonymous said...

I am requesting the publisher of this erroneous post rescind it due to inaccurate information. I did read the part in the directions talking about trimming the helicopter. That is all I read in the directions. The part about letting the battery cool down before recharging would have been helpful.