Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Part Three: The Ugly

Here's a unique gift idea for the kid who has everything. How about a "Nyokki"?

Essentially, a "Nyokki," or Egg Pet Plant, is an egg-shaped Chia Pet with a face:

Cute, right?

My mother-in-law sent a "Nyokki" for each of the kids. She ordered them out of a catalog called "Solutions." I have not figured out what they are supposed to solve. ("They add oxygen to the air," my husband pointed out.)

Our little eggheads were quite contented passing their days in the windowsill, sprouting their lush green hair.

Then one day, tragedy struck the three friends:

Note to self: never entrust a two-year-old with anything breakable.

Especially if it belongs to her big brother.

I tried to glue the pieces back together, but the bag of soil had expanded and it just wasn't happening. So I thought to myself: what do I do when one of my kids gets an owie?

Not only was Frog Nyokki temporarily repaired, it also gave me the idea to use Band-Aids for another toy that had suffered a couple of collisions with the floor:

That's right, folks -- "Broken Baby" is back in business!


Michelle said...

LOL! I will have to remember that technique for future broken toys.

Angela said...

I litterally LOL and my kids are trying to sleep...I blame you if they begin to wail! :)
I LOVE the 'witnesses' hands over thier mouths. are killing me. I miss you so much it HURTS!

Firefly mom said...

First off, those *are* really cute (and I'm not a chia pet kinda girl ;)

But I was LMAO at the pix of the broken one, with the other two looking on, covering their mouths! And the poor thing, all bandaged up. Too funny!