Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #24: how to get sick

Thirteen Ways to Get Sick in November

1. Go grocery shopping

2. Become sleep-deprived

3. Limit water intake

4. Get sneezed on by a 2-year-old

5. Consume less than one apple per day

6. Air travel

7. Visit your local elementary school

8. Wash your hands less than a billion times a day

9. Ride a bus

10. Shop at the mall

11. Stay home

12. Go out in public

13. Breathe

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Sweet Cops Wife said...

Happy TT! Yeah, Ive gotten sick this month already!

Alice Audrey said...

If you ask me, it's the two year old. When my kids were that age, it was one cold after another for the whole family.

Nina said...

LOL.... The last one for breath was great. Isn't that so true.

I always keep my gloves on at the grocery store because those carts a germ factories.

Jen said...

Number three cracks me up because it is so true! Everything can make you sick lately!