Sunday, November 23, 2008

Like a Pilgrim in a strange land with no Internet

This week I'm off to do the family Thanksgiving thing, and I'm leaving the laptop behind, because with three kids and all their stuff, the last thing I need is something else to lug around the airport.

I'm thankful I can take a week off with no consequences whatsoever. That's the beauty of working for no pay.

Check back next week, when I will launch Ruth, the Mom's Very Helpful Guide to All of Your Holiday Shopping!


Firefly mom said...

Have fun with your family! Though I don't envy you having to spend time at the airport around a holiday :)

Angela said...

oh, i do look forward to that!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

We bought a tree. Here is the story. I asked mil if she wanted to sell hers, since she hasn't put it up in years. She said 'no...but you can just HAVE it' So... Marrty loaded up the 3 well non-croupy kids(leaving Ryan sick in bed with me) and roadtripped across town to his mommas for a tree.
But, when he got there... the cupboard was bare...and so the poor fam had none. (the box that has been in her garage rafters for eons...the one with the picture of the tree on it... was empty) to walmart he trod, with 3small children and a shopping list that consisted of: tree, apple cider, gatorade, and Rx for Ry's croup.

What a guy!
Now, if I can just muster the strength to put the thing up!