Monday, October 6, 2008

Great. Just great.

At the tender age of five, my son has mastered the fine art of sarcasm. Not surprising, considering the genetics and daily exposure to dry humor.

Now his response to any minor unlucky event is, "Oh, that's just great."

For instance, this morning at breakfast, his cup of milk got knocked over (a common occurrence around these parts).

"Oh great, my milk spilled." he sighed. "Awesome. Oh, and it got all over the picture I just finished drawing. That's just great."


Maureen said...

HAHAHAHA, what a great visual and commentary to go with it! I love that he has, not only discovered sarcasm, but seems to have mastered it. LOVE IT! I hope you enjoy at least a few more funny moments before you start to regret that he models behavior. ;)

Meaghan said...

Oh, perfect! Your 5 year-old now speaks like a jaded adult. Man, that's just fantastic.

Speaking of modeling behavior, yesterday, I tried to get my little one to eat "one more bite" of her dinner. She looked at me and said--no joke--she said "I don't think it's gonna happen." She's two. I'm doomed.

Ruth said...

Maureen, too late. I have already regretted this many times! (Never MY behavior, of course, just other people's.)

Meaghan, wow. Yes, I'd say you're doomed. And she's only two. That's just super.