Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Variable Annuities of Wrath: Chapter 30

(What, you say you never read Chapters 5 through 29?

Okay, I’ll summarize:

The family drives the old jalopy across Colorado, then Utah, then Nevada, until they arrive in California. They are welcomed to the state by the beautiful mountain town of South Lake Tahoe, and parking-lot-style traffic.

When they arrive at their new home they realize it has not necessarily been cleaned, but other than that it is a lovely place. California is all the variable annuity wholesaler and his family have dreamed of, with blue sunny skies and flowers blooming along the roadside.

The variable annuity wholesaler is not necessarily at home for most of the first three weeks the family is in California, and worst of all he suffers from a nasty case of mononucleosis. However, the family presses on and they all discover a strength they never knew they had.

Also, the mom is extremely grumpy.)

And now, for the grand finale, Chapter 30:

On the patio of the Mexican restaurant, the waiter stood holding the menus, and the ice splashed in the margarita glasses. Gradually the chips and salsa disappeared.

On the second day of the weekend the variable annuity wholesaler’s parents arrived to care for the three dust-covered children so that the annuity wholesaler and his wife could celebrate their anniversary over margaritas and burritos and chimichangas.

On the next day the variable annuity wholesaler went to work and the grandparents made messes with the children and served them milk and changed diapers and the mom cleaned and put away things from the boxes.

The mom even went to the grocery store all by herself and got her hair done and had a pedicure.

She looked up and across the messy house, and her lips came together and she smiled contentedly.


Meaghan said...

...A pedicure...? I am truly jealous. I haven't had one of those since...? So you mean all I need to do to get another one is drive across country with 16 kids in an old jalopy by myself?

I'm so outta here.

P.S. Happy Anniversary!

Angela said...

i've got nothin'...just laughter.

oh yeah! Happy Anniversary!