Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #11: things on the table

Thirteen Things On My Dining Room Table

1. electric mixer

2. bath towel

3. yoga mat

4. roll of duct tape

5. bunch of straws taped together with scotch tape

6. Two extension cords

7. Kansas City Chiefs bib

8. pair of pajama pants

9. very old blanket

10. wadded up packing paper

11. stuffed dog wearing a bandana

12. 87 crayons

13. a pillow

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Clarence said...

Oh, I can relate, our dining room table has quite a bunch of stuff on it, especially crayon, pencils, pastels and stickers. Important stuff.

forgetfulone said...

Hmmm. Mine has a tablecloth, 2 scrapbook layouts-in-progress, a paper cutter, a glue stick, calendar, notepad, and blood pressure monitor.

Thanks for stopping by my TT!

shelia said...

I don't have anything on the dining room table accept for a centerpiece, but on my desk...I have books, of course my desktop, computer speakers, cup of water, eye glass case, a few CDs, one of my watches, day planner, wicker basket full of pens and notepads.

Happy TT.

Tricia said...

Great 13! At this exact moment there are so many strange things on my dining room table I just wouldn't even know where to begin.

melissa said...

my dining room table...about 13 loads of unfolded laundry...just waiting for someone to come along and take care of it!!

Jennie said...

ha! Why 87 crayons? And why the tape? Great TT!

Lisa said...

Our dining room table was much the same, but since I got a new one, I am doing pretty good about keeping it cleaned off. Lets see how long that lasts! lol

Happy TT! And thanks for stopping by!

Arlene said...

my dinning room table is the same way...I can clear it off but it will not stay that way for long.

PATTI said...

I thought my table was clean but upon closer examination I can see at least 13 crumbs, 13 cat hairs, 13 specks of lint and one new nick on my nice oak table top. (sniff) Not so happy TT here.

bluebonnetgirl said...

I have a real problem with things collecting on my desk. Yesterday I could have named 20+ items that didn't belong on it, but today I conquered it. (At least for a while.)

Kris said...

LOL That sounds like my dining room table up until tonight when I bellowed, "Everybody come get whatever is yours off the dining room table before I throw it in the trash!" Now, it only has dining room table stuff -- salt & pepper, a napkin holder and candles. ;-)

I hope you enjoyed looking around my homeschooling blog and found something (or a few somethings) useful. I hope you'll visit again.