Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ruth needs...

This is a fun little activity, if you are online and bored.

Or if your brain is fried at the end of the weekend and you need something to post for your Monday blog.

All you do is type your first name and the word “needs” into a search engine, then see what comes up.

Here’s what Ruth needs, according to Google:

Ruth needs hugs (This could not be more true.)

Ruth needs moola moola! (Hey, who couldn't use a few extra bucks?)

Ruth needs pistol (Wha?)

Ruth needs a husband (Nah, one is enough.)

Ruth needs our help! (I’ve been saying this for years.)

Ruth needs money! (Right, moola moola. We already covered this.)

Ruth needs support (After three kids, you bet I do.)

Ruth needs your vote (In my poll--time is running out!)

Ruth needs ashtray on Baot Deck (Not sure what this even means. But, I don’t smoke.)

Ruth needs only 10 homers in 47 games to break record (Hmmm...must be another Ruth.)

Ruth needs your addresses (I really don’t. I’d probably just lose them, anyway.)

Ruth needs to remember her audience (I would not be writing if I had no audience. Here’s to my readers!)

Ruth needs you! (To keep reading my blog! And leave comments! And tell your friends to read my blog!)

Ruth needs the herd’s help (C’mon herd, give me a hand here!
Stupid sheep! You can’t type. Never mind the help, just go back to your pasture!)

Ruth needs to quit smoking that ‘wild weed’ before typing out reports like this (I did not inhale.)

Ruth needs a ride to the Shlomo Carlebach Moshav in Modi’in (Anyone going?)

Ruth needs to be appointed onto the British Tourist Authority Board asap (Actually, that’s the last thing I need...more responsibilities!)


Meaghan said...

You are flipping hilarious. You need to do stand up or something, that's what you need. I'm totally going to try this myself.

Thanks, funny lady.

Angela said...

Cracking me up, as usual. I miss you. I have one more to add...

Ruth needs to move back to Colorado.