Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cake decorating: not my forte

Still, it did elicit an awed, whispered “Wow!” from the birthday boy, so I count it as a success.

Other highlights of our low-key celebration:

His birthday present was wrapped in packing paper left over from the move.

I could not find any candles, so I stuck four matches in the cake and by the time he blew them out they had burned down to the icing.

As you may recall, my husband has mono, so he had to be woken up from his nap on the couch in order to groggily join us in singing "Happy Birthday."

Happy 4th birthday to my little big guy!


Jamminsoul said...

Awww... Your cake was beautiful. That must have taken you a long time! That was one gift I never attempted to give my children, mine were always the plain sheet cakes. You're a good mommy, Ruth.


Laura said...

lol, I love your cake. I think all that matters is the ton of icing on the top of it!
Happy Birthday to him!

Meaghan said...

Happy, happy birthday!!

I think the cake is awesome! I bet he devoured it! Good for you, in the midst of so much chaos, for taking the time and expending the energy to make him a birthday cake you knew he'd love.

A fantastic Mama, you are! Cheers to you!