Monday, July 28, 2008

The Tooth Fairy's dilemma

This tooth fairy's dilemma is not whether or not she exists, for my son in all his 5-year-old wisdom has already figured that one out. He is just excited about the shiny new quarter that will appear under his pillow tomorrow morning.

My question is simply this: What does a tooth fairy do with the tooth, once the switch is made? Do I keep it, tucked away somewhere with the strands of hair from the first trim? Would that be overly sentimental? Would it be gross?

Somehow the ol' trash can just seems too harsh, at least for this milestone-making first lost tooth.

Suggestions, anyone?


Meaghan said...

You could make it into a necklace, and wear it as a keepsake.*

*I'm totally kidding.

My mom actually kept mine in a little box and I'd take them out periodically and play with them. In retrospect, this is totally disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Keep it in case he loses an adult tooth later on. This could save about 500 bucks. It is also safer than other options. Frugality is next to godliness.

Dawn said...

My friend kept her daughter's tooth, but I just couldn't get myself to do this. It just seemed disgusting. So, Ali's first (& second) tooth went into the garbage. It was kind of sad, but the thought of seeing it 10 years from now was just too gross for me to handle. LOL!

Ruth said...

Meaghan, you totally had me going for a moment. That cracked me up. I'm trying to imagine my kids playing with their old teeth some day in the future, and it actually doesn't seem that far-fetched, for our family.
Anonymous, I have a feeling your method isn't going to be practical. And that's cleanliness that is next to godliness, so why don't you try putting away your clothes instead of just hanging them over the furniture?
Dawn, you are probably right, it is actually pretty gross. Right now the tooth is still in the envelope marked "to Tooth Fairy" on a shelf in my closet. Final destination TBD.

Dave D said...

Ruth - Dawn forwarded my the address to your blog and it's awesome! I'm enjoying reading your entries about your crazy life with kids. I hope Alex feels better! Anyway, as to the teeth, Dawn's Dad kept all her baby teeth and then pulled them out years later when our kids were little. It was a creepy experience. We've discarded all the teeth since then.