Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #9: why I won't be doing this again anytime soon

13 reasons I hope to never take another 2,000-mile road trip with three small children and two dogs

1. After driving half a block, a voice in the back whined, “I’m bored!”

2. By the time we left town, the kids were already watching movies on the DVD player

3. At the first hotel, it took four trips to the car to transport all the stuff we “needed” for one night

4. After I dropped my husband off at the airport a third of the way into the trip, I realized in horror that the adult-to-dependent-being ratio was now 1:5

5. My toddler woke up from her nap after sleeping only 15 minutes

6. When she did not go back to sleep, I shouted something along the lines of, “PLEASE JUST GO BACK TO SLEEP! GO NIGHT-NIGHT! PLEASE STOP CRYING! AAAAAAHHHHH!”

7. Just as we were heading down a mountain pass I realized my front brakes were starting to go bad

8. By day two alone with the children, all I did was bark orders, which they mostly ignored

9. I have told my 21-month-old daughter “Stop yelling at me!” at least 600 times in the past three days

10. I have lost a half-inch of height from carrying the pack-n-play and all the luggage into hotels and back out to the car

11. The thing I feel most thankful for in the entire world is that Arby’s exists and that it has a drive-up window

12. I broke down sobbing when the cooler tipped over and all the old murky water spilled out all over the floor of the van soaking magazines and activity books and toys and everything else the kids have been tossing on the floor for the past week

13. As I was driving across the desert with cranky, runny-nosed children and a swollen, scratchy throat, my husband called to inform me that he has been diagnosed with mono

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Meaghan said...

Why did your husband get to fly while you were leading your brood like Moses through the desert?! You're like a superhero! How did you have time to even blog about this?

Ruth said...

1.) He has training for his new job, so it couldn't be avoided.
2.) I am addicted to blogging.

Angela said...

RUTH!! YOU made it!!!!! Whoo Hoo!!
I was tearing up for you reading the cooler incident... arrrr...
You really are a much braver woman than I!!
Thankfully, next time you move, it'll be a little shorter trip, right? :)
I love you, so stinkin' much!

Angela said...

p.s. how is the hubs feeling? and everyone else?
so far, so good, here!