Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #8: places I have dwelled

How convenient--as I move this week, it just so happens that I’m on my way to #14.

Here are the...

13 Places I Have Lived

1. The womb (nine months)
2. Three-bedroom ranch w/basement in Kansas (10 years)
3. Four-bedroom tri-level in Missouri (eight years)
4. Dorm room in Missouri (one year)
5. Four-bedroom townhome in Missouri (three years)
6. Dumpy two-bedroom ranch house in Missouri (one and a half years)
7. Three-bedroom bungalow in Missouri (three years)
8. Two-bedroom split-level townhome in Colorado (ten months)
9. Two-bedroom ranch townhome in Colorado (one year)
10. Three-bedroom two story townhome in Colorado (one and a half years)
11. Three-bedroom two story fixer-upper house in Colorado (one and a half years)
12. Two-bedroom corporate housing apartment in Iowa (two months)
13. Four-bedroom house in Iowa (one year)

Now, it’s onward to our next residence, a four-bedroom two-story house in California...

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