Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #10: things I have been happy to find

It’s kind of like Christmas every day around here as I unpack. I open a box, pick up an item and unwrap the multiple layers of packing paper to see what mysterious objects are inside. It’s only been a couple of weeks since I last saw them, but some of these feel like long lost friends.

I still cannot for the life of me find the silverware, but I have unpacked a lot of other useful and treasured items. Here are a few that have given me feelings of great joy when I unwrapped them:

13 Important Things I've Found While Unpacking

1. Ibuprofen (The day after we moved in, I had a killer headache. I thought I was going to vomit from the pain. So I rooted through boxes until I found the medicine. It was good drama.)

2. The toaster (We rely heavily on the toaster, since toast is on the short list of foods my 3-year-old son will eat.)

3. Mugs

4. The tea kettle

5. Wine glasses

6. The corkscrew

7. Cooking utensils

8. The printer (I really needed to print out a couple of forms and I REALLY didn’t want to do it at Kinko’s with three kids in tow.)

9. Wooden trains

10. Wooden tracks

11. All sorts of toys my kids haven’t seen in a while

12. An extension cord

13. Soap

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Dawn said...

Oh, moving can be such a pain in the rump! I don't envy you. Well, maybe a little since you have wineglasses and a corkscrew. Do you have wine to go with that? :-)

Suzanne Says... said...

I think if I ever move, the toaster will be one of the items that doesn't actually get packed, but rides in the car with us! I soooo feel you on the short list of foods an offspring will eat - my 9y/o is mine.

bernieg1 said...

Moving is nerve wracking. So much to do - so much to remember. Good luck!

My 34th TT is up: 13 comments you can make to your physician while he's performing a colonoscopy on you. Here's the link.

bernie said...

Came back to thank you for visiting my TT.

I may do a 13 things to do when moving.

Jamminsoul said...

Hi Ruth!

Well, I think same-events happen threes, and now 3 things have been 'nuff of that.

You moved!! Imagine my surprise to see your comment. Thank you! Where are you now? I haven't kept up with blogs lately, now I feel bad cuz you were getting ready to move and I didn't even know ...

I tried to follow your 13 thing - but the code didn't come out for the header, so I got 13 things without a header. Looks kinda dumb, blogger that I am...(technologically challenged!!) I just left it.

I am glad you and your family are doing well.

Jamminsoul ~ Jill