Monday, June 9, 2008

TV Tuesday: I'm Lost

My favorite show on television is also my only show. LOST consumes all of the time and emotional energy I’m willing to devote to TV.

I love LOST, but I’m grateful for the off season between June and December, when I can give my puzzled brain and adrenaline-infused heart a chance to recover. I try to remain detached, remembering that it is, after all, just a work of fiction, characters being portrayed by actors. But I always get sucked in.

There is so much I could say about LOST. But we don’t have all day, do we? So I’ll keep it brief.

5 Reasons I Think LOST is an Excellent Show

1. I always try to figure things out, but I am pretty much always wrong
2. It is so well cast that I often feel like the characters are real people
3. You never really know who is a “good guy” or a “bad guy,” and you never know when “now” is
4. After watching an episode, I am a little bit creeped out when I open the door to let out the dogs.
5. I lie awake at night thinking about plot lines from three seasons ago

5 Things They Had Damn Well Better Explain Before the Show Ends

1. What is the significance of the lottery numbers?
2. When What Why Who How DHARMA Initiative?
3. What happened to Walt when he was with the “others,” why did they take him, and what are his special powers?
4. What was the deal with those people who were buried alive with their diamonds?
5. Everything

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