Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #3: reasons I'm looking forward to traveling alone

I’m leaving on a jet plane, baby! This weekend I’ll be flying halfway across the country, all by myself.

I haven’t spent more than a day alone in almost six years. I get a little giddy about dentist appointments, so you can just imagine what this is like for me.

Sure, I know travel is full of headaches whether or not you’re lugging three kids along. But I can think of a few things that might be advantageous about taking a trip by myself.

Thirteen Reasons I’m Looking Forward to Traveling Alone

1. While standing in line at the airport, I won’t have to subtly nudge anyone to remove his finger from his nose

2. Going through security I won’t have a stroller to fold up, and I won’t have three pairs of shoes to replace afterwards

3. On the airplane I won’t have to constantly remind a 3-year-old not to kick the seat in front of him

4. I won’t get disapproving looks from other passengers

5. I will be able to complete thoughts

6. I’ll have options! I could read a book, work on my laptop, listen to music, or take a nap

7. I won’t have to share my pretzels

8. Leaving the plane, I won't have to feel guilty about leaving behind piles of crumbs, a shredded in-flight magazine and cranberry juice on the seat

9. At the hotel, I won’t have to wait my turn for the bathroom

10. Leaving the hotel to grab lunch won’t entail three hours of preparation

11. The hotel room won’t be trashed within five minutes of my arrival

12. In fact, most likely it won’t be trashed ever

13. When I get back home I’ll be so happy to see my family again that I won’t care if the entire house is trashed

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Anonymous said...

God help us. . .I hope we have a home still standing when she gets back.

Angela said...

WOW! The reality of what you told me the other day didn't sink in until NOW. OH MY GOODNESS! You are going ALONE! It's about darn time, girl! I hope you have a blast, and ENJOY yourself!!
How long will you be gone? OH, girl. Have fun!!