Sunday, June 1, 2008

Random Ruth: Do you believe in magic?

I do.

My belief is based on several magical devices located right inside my home.

Just to name a few:

The Garbage Disposal

You put food in, run some water, flip a switch. Voila!
The food is gone. Magic.
Occasionally you run into a problem. Forks, pebbles, and small glass bottles do not magically disappear. After the debris is removed, the garbage disposal makes a weak humming sound. That’s when you get out the magic wrench. I have no idea what happens inside the disposal when you turn the wrench, but as long as it starts working afterwards, I chalk it up to magic.

The Central Vac

Plug it into the wall. Flip a switch. Voila!
Crumbs: gone.
Dog hairs: gone.
Tiny bits of paper: gone.
Live ants: gone.

After moving into this house, I used the central vacuum for months before I ever stopped to consider where the aforementioned items might actually be going. It turns out there is a giant cylindrical receptacle in our garage. The dirt and dog hairs continue to collect there. For all I know the ants are still alive and feasting on crumbs. So far I have not had to empty the receptacle. Seems like magic to me.

Wireless Internet

Turn on the computer. Push a button. Voila!
You are connected to a wealth of information, literally at your fingertips.
Your children's obscure questions can be answered in a matter of seconds.
Maps, directions, addresses, phone numbers, and menus can be summoned on command.
Messages and photos can be instantly sent to anyone in the world, so long as they have access to the mysterious Internet.
I thought the Internet was magical even before it went wireless.
How does it work?
How could it possibly?
Definitely, absolutely, magic.

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